Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

Finned Tube Heat Exchangers consist of a shell & finned tubes assembly. Fins are used to increase the effective surface area of heat exchanger tubing. Finned tubes are used when the heat transfer coefficient on the outside of the tubes is appreciably lower than that on the inside; as in heat transfer from a liquid to a gas, vapor to a gas, such as steam to air heat exchanger, thermic fluid to air heat exchanger. When an extended surface is needed on only one fluid side (such as in a gas to liquid exchanger) or when the operating pressure needs to be contained on one fluid side, a finned tube heat exchanger may be selected. 

Applications of finned tube heat exchangers include Steam air heater / steam radiator, Thermic fluid air heater / thermic fluid radiator, Hot water air heater / hot water radiator, Air heater for fluid bed dryers, Air heater for spray dryers, Air heater for flash dryers and Air heater for dryers.

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